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In the Party Bay, you'll find multiple sitting areas, a BBQ station, and bar, making it an ideal space for hosting events.


Perfect Getaway for Music Lovers and Gatherings


- Location: Downtown Conroe, TX
- Bedrooms: 3
- Bathrooms: 2
- Sleeps: 10


**Sleeping Arrangements**

- Master Bedroom: King bed with en suite bathroom.
- Bedroom 2: Two queen beds.
- Bedroom 3: One queen bed.
- Living Area: Trundle bed.


**Amenities Provided**

- Sheets, pillows, towels, soap, toiletries, toilet paper, paper towels, hair dryers, iron.
- TVs in each bedroom.
- 50" TV in the kitchen.
- 82" TV in the living room.
- Two 75" TVs and one 60" TV in the party barn.
- Fubo and Netflix subscriptions.

**Kitchen Amenities**

- Huge kitchen with high-end appliances, including a purified water and ice maker.
- Soap and dish soap provided.
- Full coffee station (includes coffee, creamer, sugars, bottled waters, and condiments).
- Small and large crockpots.
- Waffle maker and toaster.
- Dishes and serving dishes for over 12 people.
- Kitchen seating accommodates around 16.

**Unique Features**

- Industrial and music-themed decor.
- Living room with electric piano and guitars, featuring amazing acoustics.
- Stereo system for both indoor and outdoor use.
- Party barn with seating for a minimum of 27 people, featuring:
  - Refrigerator.
  - Unique signs and decor.
  - Popcorn machine with popcorn provided
  - LED party lights.
  - Two evaporative coolers and a fan.
  - Two garage doors and two windows that can open.
  - Board games and adult games.
  - Secure parking and extensive additional parking.
  - Outside security cameras.


**Nearby Attractions**

- Located across the tracks from downtown Conroe.
- Nearby bars and restaurants include:
  - Pacific Yard House
  - 202 Main
  - Red Brick Tavern
  - Ferm Meadery
  - Fass Brewing
  - And more.

This property is ideal for music lovers and large gatherings, offering both comfort and entertainment. The spacious kitchen and ample seating make it perfect for family meals and socializing, while the proximity to local dining and entertainment options adds convenience and variety to your stay. The well-equipped party barn enhances the experience with its variety of entertainment options and comfortable seating. Secure and extensive parking, along with outside security cameras, ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.


Important Information:


Proximity to Railroad Tracks: 

Conroe Station is situated adjacent to the Union Pacific Railroad Tracks. Please note that trains operate both day and night.


Pier and Beam Structure: 

Our building features a pier and beam construction, which includes steps leading up and down. Two bedrooms and a section of the living room are located on the lower level.


Large Gathering Pricing: 

Pricing for large gatherings is different. Please contact us for detailed pricing information if you are planning a large event or gathering.



The entire building is accessible to guests, ensuring convenience and ease of movement throughout your stay.



TEXT (936) 232-4680


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